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June 26, 2017
How Can You Help Crime Stoppers?
Report a Crime.

Crime Stoppers logo

Report a Crime by:

1. Via telephone line Crime Stoppers tip line 1-800-222- 8477 is staffed 24/ 7/365 by trained personnel, who receive, process and pass on tip information to police for investigation. Callers are given a code number, which is used in all subsequent calls, and are never asked to identify themselves or provide any personal information. It is the caller’s responsibility to call back for updates and instructions on how to claim a reward.

2. Via World Wide Web Persons wanting to provide information on crimes or criminals can now use the Internet, without giving up their anonymity. Logging onto the Alberta Crime Stoppers website ( allows tipsters to simply click and fill in an electronic form with their information. Web Tips are completely anonymous through the use of MS SQL server technology.

3. Via SMS Text Messaging By sending a SMS Text message to Crime Stoppers provides a convenient and effective way to pass us your information. To text us your information anonymously simply text the key word “ttt tips” and your information to 274 637.

What Happens to My Tip?

When a tip is successful, Crime Stoppers Awards Committee determines an appropriate award amount based on a number of factors including the value of the information received, the number of persons arrested, the risk to the caller and the amount of drugs or stolen property recovered. You will be asked to call back to Crime Stoppers for updates on your tip. Tips that lead to an arrest, the recovery of stolen property or the seizure of illegal drugs are eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000.00. Directions on how to collect your reward will be provided by Crime Stoppers. Tipsters will be paid in such a way as to protect their anonymity.

Crime Stoppers stats

How Else Can I Help?

Another great way to support Calgary Crime Stoppers is by volunteering. The Calgary Crime Stoppers Association has volunteer opportunities for enthusiastic individuals interested in making a difference in their community. Volunteers are utilized throughout the year in the areas of special events, public awareness, education, and fundraising. They have volunteer opportunities with varying time commitments throughout the year.

June 12, 2017
Crime Stoppers 35th Anniversary

Crime Stoppers logoTo celebrate and support Calgary Crime Stoppers we wanted to help educate our community that is YYC.

What is Crime Stoppers? Crime Stoppers is a community, media and police co-operative program designed to involve the public in the fight against crime. This mission began in Albuquerque, New Mexico when a Canadian-born Albuquerque Police Det. Greg MacAleese reached a dead-end in a homicide investigation. He enlisted local television stations cooperation in producing a reenactment of the crime and within 72 hours the police received a tip that helped solve the murder.

How cool is it that the first Crime Stoppers Program in Canada was formed in Calgary in 1982. Since its inception, Calgary Crime Stoppers has helped to clear over 13,890 criminal cases, recover $17.5 million in stolen property and seize more than $291 million in illegal drugs.

Crime Stoppers BusTo accomplish this Crime Stoppers provides citizens with methods to anonymously supply the police with information about a crime or potential crime. A reward of up to$2000 is offered to anyone providing information, which leads to an arrest, or the recovery of stolen property, or the seizure of illegal drugs. The success of Crime Stoppers is also dependent on the support provided by local media. Unsolved crimes are reenacted and shown on television, publicized in print, or aired on local radio stations.

Many of you may not know but Crime Stoppers is a registered not-for-profit organization and is responsible for raising funds, public awareness and the disbursements of rewards. Funding and services come from citizens, corporations, clubs, and professional associations, which keep the program operational. Crime Stoppers is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who works closely with local law enforcement and the media.

This year is their 35th Anniversary in Calgary and we are proud to be supporting them. As Crime Stoppers is Not-For-Profit we urge you to consider ways that you can help support them. This can include donating funding, inviting them out to events to provide them an opportunity to speak at various functions. This can include children and adult functions. Of course one of the best ways to support them is to utilize their services to help keep our communities safer. Stay tuned for our next blog post on how to help Crime Stoppers.

January 24, 2017

Calgary Alarm Services Bylaw Updates

Calgary security alarm changes

For the New Year AE Security wanted to release Calgary Alarm Services Bylaw (31M95) changes. This update was done in two phases. Phase 1 addressed modifications to the dispatch criteria required by the Calgary Police service. Calgary 9-1-1 will no longer dispatch calls on ‘1-hit’ alarm activations, where only one zone has been activated in a premise. Alarm agencies will also be required to attempt to contact at least two key holders prior to contacting police.

“All calls involving panic, hold-up or duress alarms, and any verified valid alarm activations will still be attended to by police,” noted Alison Turgeon, Alarm Coordinator with the Calgary Police Service.

Call local police 911 logo

Phase 2 addresses the alarm permits and false alarm fees. “Effective January 1, 2017, residences and businesses will require a valid, paid alarm permit in order for police to respond to alarm calls. Citizens and businesses can obtain a permit by following the application process online at Annual permitting fees will be $15 for residences and $20 for commercial locations.”

One of the benefits of annually renewing this permit means that the data collected each year will ensure permit holder information is accurate and up to date. This allows the police to respond more efficiently.

Annual renewals will be due the month of the issue date of the initial approved permit. A renewal notification will be issued to the premise owner two months in advance of the renewal date. Any permits that are not renewed within that time frame will expire upon the renewal date and a new permit application will be required.

Locations with an existing alarm system permit, prior to this change, will have their annual renewals start as of July 2017, on the month of the issue date.

Alarm Permit Application:    click here.

Effective March 1, 2017, a new false alarm penalty fee structure will be introduced to hold alarm agencies and permit holders more accountable to properly manage their dispatches and alarm systems.

New false alarm penalties

Please note that the bylaw changes are effective as of January 1, 2017 and the false alarm penalty structure is effective March 1, 2017.

Beginning in the second quarter of 2017, the final phase of changes will be implemented. This will include:

Calgary Police Service will only attend locations:

  • • where the alarm agency is properly licensed and registered. (AE Security already is)
  • • where the premise has a valid alarm permit
  • • where the premise permit is not suspended
  • • during non-occupied commercial business hours (as indicated on the permit application)
  • • outside the initial 14-day alarm system installation or upgrade period

Crime stoppers - Report on crime - logos

November 9, 2016

Customer Spotlight #2
Pipestone Travel Store’s Top Ten Travel Tips

Travel security tips

One of AE Security’s long-term clients is Pipestone Travel Store. They are a family owned specialty travel shop here in Calgary. So when I started planning a 2 week overseas trip to Scotland I knew I’d be visiting them. I visited for adapters, personal care items, day packs, clothes, questions, and even attended their packing seminar. Each time I went to Pipestone I was helped by knowledgeable staff and friendly faces that understood the products and were able to give me suggestions to match my needs.

What I found most important when travelling on a trip so large (or even small)… is that being able to see how items would work, fit, or suit the situation hands-on is immensely helpful. For example, for the Scotland trip I brought a few items into the store, like my camera, wallet, water bottle and tried them in a few different anti-theft day bags to make sure it would work for me. This allowed me to feel confident and excited when I made a purchase from Pipestone Travel and to really appreciate their personalized service and expertise. If you aren’t a hands-on person, they even have an online store to browse through!

Here are the top ten travel tips!

10. Carry a photocopy of your passport with you just in case you need to replace a stolen or lost passport.

9. Always keep medicines in their labelled containers and bring generic names for the drugs

8. Check the weather forecast for you destination before you leave to ensure you are taking appropriate clothes, find room in your luggage for an umbrella

7. Leave an itinerary of your trip with someone at home in case you need to be contacted

6. Keep a written record of your confirmation numbers when you make a reservation. Always ask for the number and enquire if there are any discounts available for AMA, CAA, etc.

5. Consider travel insurance, especially if trip is over $1000.00. It will protect you against loss

4. Put identifying markings on luggage check in. Keep valuables in your carry-on luggage. Remove old airline tags

3. Make a list of your credit card & bank contact phones numbers in case you need to cancel or put a hold on them

2. Leave copies of your important documents with a relative or a friend in case you need them emailed to you in an emergency situation. IE: tickets, driver’s license, passport, visas, etc.

1. Don’t use your home address on your luggage tags. Put your business card or a relative’s info on the tag. Also put the same info inside your bag in case it gets lost in the airlines system (Safety first)

Thanks for reading! And safe travelling!
Elisha Larkam

Fire Prevention Week October 9th – 15th, 2016

Don’t Wait – Check the Date!
Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years

security travel tipFire Prevention Canada (FIPRECAN), the national voice of fire prevention education in Canada: Statistics show that, on average, fire kills eight people each week in Canada, with residential fires accounting for 73% of these fatalities.

Smoke alarms save lives!

Smoke alarms, when properly installed, tested and maintained, provide the best early warning system in the event of a house fire.

security travel tipWorking smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in reported home fires in half. People who die in home fires, often die from breathing in smoke and toxic gases emitted from fire. These poisonous gases can render a person confused, disoriented or even unconscious after only a few short breaths. Toxic effects may overcome residents before they have time to escape or even wake up from sleeping. One of the reasons why we recommend monitored smoke alarms in conjunction with the alarms that are code with your home.

What You Should Know:

1. Install at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home, including the basement, and ensure there is a smoke alarm in or near every sleeping area.
2. There are several types of smoke alarms and detectors.
• Alarms using ionization technology are best suited for detecting fast-flaming fires.
• Alarms using photoelectric technology are best suited for detecting slow, smoldering fires.
• For the best protection, installing ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms or combination ionization/photoelectric alarms (also known as dual sensor alarms) is recommended.

When purchasing a smoke alarm, look for a product that has been manufactured and tested to an acceptable standard, indicated by a marking for the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC), or Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated (cUL).

Mark Your Calendar: Testing & Cleaning

• Test once a month by pressing the smoke alarm's test button and
• Replace the batteries once a year in each smoke alarm.
• Every 6 months clean each smoke alarm.
• Replace smoke alarms after 10 years. Or, if you discover a smoke alarm is defective or broken after testing, replace it.
• Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t forget.

Things to remember when testing your smoke alarm:

check Ensure that power is being transmitted to the alarm and that it will activate in the presence of smoke.
check Test your smoke alarm by pressing the test button.
check Even alarms with a pilot light that indicate power is being transmitted, should be tested regularly.
check Battery-operated smoke alarms will warn you when batteries need replacing. Despite this, make it a habit to change the batteries yearly.
check When you’ve been away from home for a few days, check your alarm on your return to ensure it is working properly.
check Remember, your smoke alarm can’t protect you if the batteries have been removed or a plug has been disconnected.
check The lifespan of a typical smoke alarm is about 10 years, but some models last as little as 5 years.
check To clean the alarm, open the cover and gently vacuum the interior of it. Frequently, the alarm will sound while the unit is being cleaned.

Is your smoke alarm expired? Learn how to check your smoke alarms expiry date below:

You can even enter the "but first, let me take a smoke alarm selfie" contest!


The information provided and much more can be found at these two links below:


Get a Free Smoke Detector!

In support of Fire Prevention Canada AE Security is offering a FREE smoke detector installed with any new security system install that is signed off before October 31st, 2016. Please contact our sales department for more information.
403 531-1555


Would you like a Master Electrician to replace your existing 120volt Smoke Detectors? AE Security works with Bob Elsbett from CB Electric:

CB Electrical
Bob Elsbett
Master Elecrician

Aug 8 2016: Chris's TECH Talk #1
7 Steps to Replace Your Security Panel Backup Battery

Hello and welcome to the first installment of “Chris’s TECH Talk”. I am Chris Rubak, Service and Installation Manager at AE Security. From time to time I will be chiming in with tips and tricks to using/maintaining your alarm system.

For our first topic let’s learn how to replace your panel battery. This is an easy repair that can be performed by anyone.

  1. First you will need to locate your alarm system panel. This is usually located in your basement around the electrical panel or furnace room.
  2. Opening the panel cabinet via key or Robertson screwdriver. If you have a Honeywell system this is done by using the key located on top of the cabinet. If this key has gone missing, contact us at 4035311555 for a replacement.
  3. Once the cabinet is open you will notice the battery on the bottom of the can below the circuit board. There will be a red and black wire plugged into the battery. Simply unplug both wires from the battery and set it aside.
  4. Next you will install the battery purchased from AE Security. The battery has two posts, one is red and one that is black. Now it is time to plug the red wire onto the red post and the black wire onto the black post.
  5. Now you can close the cabinet. Replace key.
  6. Wait 15-30 minutes for the alarm system to register the new battery and clear the battery trouble at your keypad by pressing your 4 digit code followed by 1 two times (Honeywell system instructions).
  7. Give yourself a high five!

Now that you have successfully replaced your alarm system battery I request that you return your old battery to AE Security located at #19, 4511 Glenmore Trail SE as we are more than happy to recycle for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read Chris’s TECH Talk. I look forward to our next topic.

You’re Safe With Us!!!

Aug 1 2016: Customer Spotlight #1
Clothing Bar Boutique

YYC Clothing Bar opened 4 months ago and we were fortunate enough to get to work with them on their security system. The owner, Katie, has a great philosophy keeping consignment clothing simple. The clothing bar is the newest hang out spot for consignment lovers! They showcase your amazing clothes as well as promote local talent to help you shop 100% local.

Her passion for consignment clothing started at a young age when she was looking for a place to shop where she felt part of something. So Katie created the Clothing Bar, a place of community, a place for local talent, a place to feel like you have a second closet to run to in times of need!


One of the best parts… they offer private shopping parties in store with bubbles and treats provided. What better way than to spend time with your girlfriends sipping prosecco and shopping?!

Thinking about consigning, ask yourself these questions: Is it still in style? (2-3 years old) Would you buy this again today? Would you be excited to find this piece? Would someone else find use out of this? Is it too good to give away?

When to consign? Spring/summer from March to July Fall/ winter clothing in August – February

Want to shop consignment?  Ways to prepare: 1. Be prepared to try everything on! 2. Gravitate to color first as the store is not typically organized by size, then expand to entire store 3. Wear comfy clothes that are easy to take on and off 4. Bring a friend 5. If you love it, buy it! 6. Don’t be afraid to ask them to help pick things out for you.

Contact the Clothing Bar to answer any questions you may have and book your shopping part at “The Bar”. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

July 1 2016
AE Security Launches NEW Website!

We are very excited to announce the launch of AE Security’s new and improved website. We have lots of updates so please peruse and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

We are also introducing our weekly blog to keep you current with important information in YYC and surrounding towns. Everything from home and business security tips to events and goings-on in our communities, as well as keeping you up to date on the newest security technology.