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Get a Free Smoke Detector!

Fire Prevention Week October 9th – 15th, 2016

In support of Fire Prevention Week AE Security is offering a Free smoke detector installed with any new security system install that is signed off before October 31st, 2016. Please contact our sales department for more information.
403 531-1555

Would You Like to Cancel Your Phone Line and SAVE Money?

thumb_up Let us give you One Less Thing to worry about!

thumb_up Future Proof your system with Internet and cellular monitoring!

thumb_up Upgrade your system to the Honeywell Vista 21ip!

thumb_up You can cancel your phone line and save money!

Get a $50.00 equipment upgrade CREDIT!

report_problem Protect yourself from cut phone lines.

ring_volume Alarm signals will be communicated almost instantaneously.

Email - Text Notifications

Email alerts provide you with up-to-date information about activity in and around your home or business… enhancing your awareness and peace of mind. This can be set up through your cell phone, laptop, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod touch or any other web-enabled device.

You can be alerted to important activities and system events occurring at your home or business including:

alarm When your security system has been armed or disarmed

alarm When your child has arrived home from school

alarm When a flood or temperature change is detected

Remote Keypad

Total Connect’s Remote Keypad feature works exactly like your security system keypad – letting you access and operate your system remotely from anywhere in the world using any web browser on a PC or using your cell phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod touch or other wireless handheld device. You can even download a convenient Apple iPhone App!

It’s a perfect fit for your active life because its security that goes with you – letting you enjoy extra mobility without ever compromising your safety or peace of mind.

phonelink_setup You can arm, disarm, silence and check the status of your security system

phonelink_setup Dis-arm your system for unscheduled maintenance or service