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If you are looking for the best HD camera monitoring system in the Calgary area you’re looking in the right place. Our CCTV camera systems and portable IP CTV cameras are perfect surveillance cameras for commercial, business and home use!

Please give us a call to discuss the best HD Honeywell video surveillance system and video camera surveillance system technology for your application.

Honeywell NVR Megapixel IP Systems
(Network Video Recorder Systems)

IP cameras can have very high resolution for exceptional detail and cable distances are very long.

Outdoor Analog – IP Camera Comparison example

Outdoor Analog – IP Camera Comparison example

Indoor Analog – IP Camera Comparison example

Indoor Analog – IP Camera Comparison example

HD cctv™ SDI Systems
(Secure Digital Interface Systems)
Analog – SDI/ HDcctv camera comparison

Analog – HDcctv Camera Comparison example

HD cctv Alliance
HD cctv™ Alliance

High Definition Analog

Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI) Systems have 720p or 1080p resolution using existing cables but also require a TVI Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

cctv camera
High Definition Analog

Video Surveillance Will Save You Money!

thumb_up View Your Cameras Live and Recorded Video from Your Smartphone, Tablet or PC*

The video will save you time and money in many ways:
• 24/7 recording shows you: Who? - What? - Where? - When?
• Records only when motion occurs for more efficient review
• Monitor your inventory movement and safety procedures adherence
• Images are of digital quality and do not deteriorate over time
• Evidence for prosecution

Video Surveillance for You

In this technological era we live in, use some of the advances to help you protect your business from shoplifting as well as employee theft.

We all like to think that employees are trustworthy, but the US Chamber of Commerce estimates that about 30% of all business failures are traced directly to employee theft.

Make the Investment to Protect your Investment:

Honeywell 3 Mega Pixel Rugged Dome Cameras
Honeywell Dome Camera Honeywell Dome Camera

Honeywell PoE Network Video Recorder
Compatible with I-View Now video alarm verification
Honeywell Video Recorder

Honeywell Indoor Varifocal Dome Camera
Honeywell Indoor Varifocal Dome Camera

Honeywell High Quality Analog (HQA) Digital Video Recorder
Compatible with I-View Now video alarm verification
Honeywell Video Recorder

Cloud Video Recording

Who says you can’t be everywhere at once? View live video on the go for anytime peace of mind with Honeywell Total Connect® Video Solutions. Whether you’re across the street or across the world, checking up on your home is as easy as checking your phone. Honeywell’s Secure Alarmnet system comes with iCloud storage!

Cloud Video Surveillance ←→ Cloud Access Control

The Best of Both Worlds

The integration of Cloud Based OnAir and the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS provides mutual customers with a comprehensive, easy to use and innovative cloud-based security management solution. Powered by both companies real-time RESTful APIs, the integrated solution offers so much.

Features & Benefits:

• Direct navigation from Cloud Based OnAir to Eagle Eye user interface
• Links from Cloud Based events to Eagle Eye video clips
• Live and recorded video on either user interface
• Both cloud and on-premise recording options
• Advanced bandwidth management flexibility
• Resilience to network outages
• Support for broader types of cameras including analog and IP