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Security Monitoring

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24 Hour Security Monitoring, Dispatch and Response

Don’t sign a 3-5 year security system monitoring contract…

  AE Security’s Alarm Monitoring Agreement is only One Year!

  We haven't raised security system monitoring rates since 1991!

Beyond telephone line monitoring

Monitoring of your system is a critical component of your security management. AE Security provides you with various levels of security system monitoring, ranging from enhanced residential alarm monitoring to full management reporting with uniformed guard response.

Home and business security companies monitored security systems have moved far beyond basic telephone line communication. Cellular and internet communication are now providing faster, better backed up signaling.

You don’t need a land line to have security, automation, notifications and remote control!

Home and commercial security products can be controlled remotely from cell phones and computers plus notify you via email or text messages when your system is armed, disarmed or goes into alarm!

 Protect Yourself from Cut Phone Lines

 Alarm signals will be communicated almost instantaneously.

➤   Total Connect App featuring remote control, notifications, video, and automation

Would you like to Cancel your Land Line Phone?

Beyond telephone line monitoring

Internet monitoring with cellular backup is only $36.00 per month!

  Save money

  Increase your security

  Remote control of your security system with email/text notifications of arm/disarm, alarms etc.

Video Alarm Verification

Video verification is the pairing of security system alarms with video clips of what caused the alarm. The operator can view your premise during the alarm and view a video clip of what caused the alarm. Simultaneously you can receive the same alarm & video information from the event.

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