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Online Access Control System

The best way to protect and manage your personnel and property.

Online Access Control is a Web-hosted access control solution that provides you with reliable, real-time access control of your facilities.

A Software-as-a-Service solution, it eliminates the need for dedicated servers, software installation, system administration, and IT hassles.

You can easily administer your system via a standard web browser and perform many functions right from your smart phone! All of this lowers the Total Cost of Ownership for access control.

This solution helps your organization realize significant cost savings by reducing up-front computer hardware purchases, and lowering operating expenses, such as IT staff time, and electrical/cooling, rack space and telecom costs.

Whether you have one door or thousands of doors across the globe, our "Access Anywhere" approach lets you grant HID proximity card or key fob access, dis-able access, open doors, set schedules and see who’s in your building through a single web-based administrative interface.

Rest assured this simple user interface is built on the industry's most secure access control infrastructure delivered from secure, redundant data centers.

We have software-based systems that can take advantage of your existing computer hardware.

  A dedicated PC is not required

  Card access can be integrated with your security system

  Your employees will feel safer knowing they are protected from uninvited visitors

  Stay informed of critical events with programmable notifications delivered in real time via email or text

  Open doors with your smart phone with Brivo Mobile Pass – Easy to use, no fobs or cards required, users can instantly generate and distribute mobile credentials to unlock doors

Honeywell HID Compatible Proximity Card Readers

Subscribe to AE Security Managed Access, allowing our team of trained professionals to manage your building access for you, including card activation and deactivation, alarm activity reporting and more.

There’s no need to train your staff in the daily administration and operation of new software – we will take care of that for you!

👍 We can update your outdated computer dependant access control system to our state of the art online access control

👍 Often we can use your existing electric locks, card readers and labour intensive wiring saving you thousands of dollars on an upgrade!

Remotely control and manage your site on desktop, tablet or phone

Brivo OnAir control webpage

Brivo OnAir® is a suite of products comprised of our award winning cloud platform and a complementary array of on premise physical security control devices. System programming and management is accomplished through a standard web browser logged into your Brivo OnAir account.

The Brivo OnAir cloud securely communicates with our IT-compliant control devices installed at your facilities over the Internet to download operational instructions and upload event records. All event information is securely stored at commercial-grade data centers for management and reporting purposes.