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Honeywell HID Compatible Proximity Card Readers

Are You On Top of Your Organization's Key Control?

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• You can be notified immediately anytime anyone enters your building outside of business hours!
• Are you certain that you can account for every key that has been issued?
• Have you retrieved every key from ex-employees, contractors, cleaning services etc?
• Can you guarantee that no keys have been lost, stolen or duplicated?
• When was the last time you re-keyed your office or building?
• Do you regularly change locks or reissue keys due to employee turnover?
• Do you need to manage access to multiple building locations?

Our access control systems offer comprehensive management of doors, gates and overhead doors with fully customizable reporting via email, cell phone or to your PC.

Would you like to open doors with your mobile device?
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Available now on both iOS and Android, Brivo Mobile Pass introduces a new level of convenience!

Brivo Mobile Pass

A new feature, Mobile Pass eliminates the need for physical keycards and readers. Easy to use and no hardware required, users can instantly generate and distribute mobile credentials to unlock doors.

Honeywell HID Compatible Proximity Card Readers

Subscribe to AE Security Managed Access, allowing our team of trained professionals to manage your building access for you, including card activation and deactivation, alarm activity reporting and more.

There’s no need to train your staff in the daily administration and operation of new software – we will take care of that for you!

thumb_up We can update your outdated computer dependant access control system to our state of the art online access control

thumb_up Often we can use your existing electric locks, card readers and labour intensive wiring saving you thousands of dollars on an upgrade!

Cloud-based Access Control & Video Surveillance

Cloud-based Access Control

Honeywell Cloud Based Access Protects Your Enterprise

• Remotely control and manage your site on desktop, tablet or phone
• Stay informed of critical events with programmable notifications delivered in real time via email or text
• Cloud-based infrastructure manages physical security from one to hundreds of facilities
• Eliminate local servers and software by shifting operational workload to our proven cloud solution
• Reduce business risk with our services delivered from secure, redundant data centers
• Replace fixed capital expenses and maintenance costs with a predictable Software as a Service (SaaS) model
• Automatically receive product updates to ensure your site is always secure from the latest threats

Brivo OnAir Graphic

Brivo OnAir® is a suite of products comprised of our award winning cloud platform and a complementary array of on premise physical security control devices. System programming and management is accomplished through a standard web browser logged into your Brivo OnAir account.

The Brivo OnAir cloud securely communicates with our IT-compliant control devices installed at your facilities over the Internet to download operational instructions and upload event records. All event information is securely stored at commercial-grade data centers for management and reporting purposes.

Cloud Video Surveillance ←→ Cloud Access Control

The Best of Both Worlds

The integration of Brivo OnAir and the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS provides mutual customers with a comprehensive, easy to use and innovative cloud-based security management solution. Powered by both companies real-time RESTful APIs, the integrated solution offers so much.

Features & Benefits:

• Direct navigation from Brivo OnAir to Eagle Eye user interface
• Links from Brivo events to Eagle Eye video clips
• Live and recorded video on either user interface
• Both cloud and on-premise recording options
• Advanced bandwidth management flexibility
• Resilience to network outages
• Support for broader types of cameras including analog and IP

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