Existing alarm system repairs and upgrades
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Existing Security System Takeover & Existing Alarm Repairs

Can I have my existing security system equipment monitored?
Yes, sometimes we can use all the equipment and sometimes we can use some of it. Rarely a full replacement is required. All of this depends on the installing company and the manufacturer. Booking a free consultation helps us determine your options.

Who can take over my competitor alarm system?
As above, it will depend on the product installed and how it was installed.

What can I do with my existing alarm system?
Lots of things! Monitor as is. Upgrade, Add remote services, video, and automation. Let’s book a free consultation.

How do I update an existing alarm system?
That’s where we come in. We have lots of tools on our belts to assist in any fashion of upgrade.

Considerations that impact if you need to replace your alarm system to switch monitoring companies include:

1. Your alarm system is proprietary (your system is programmed to only work for the installation and monitoring company you are currently paying)
2. Your alarm system is too old to provide adequate protection? (backup communication, additional sensors, security cameras, and smart home automation)
3. Are you able to retrieve the installers code or have it defaulted?

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ProSeries Security Equipment Line-up

Do you have an existing alarm system but like the sound of the new cellphone controlled systems?

Are you plagued with false alarms with your existing home alarm system or business security system?

Is your system annoying you and your neighbours?

Have you lost confidence in home alarm monitoring companies?

Have you stopped using your old security system?

We specialize in existing security system takeovers and repairing existing alarms systems. We don't condemn legacy alarm systems just because they’re "old". We've been working on security systems in Calgary since 1983 so we've just about worked on them all.

Let us customize your security system for your unique situation!

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Resideo iPhone Armed Away

• Are you unhappy with the service from your existing alarm company?

• Has your Security Company gone out of business?

• Are you looking for more personalized service?

• Have you moved into a home and there’s no information or instructions for your system?

Don't worry - we can help!

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