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AE Security security sytem with phone control

Honeywell Home by resideo

Smart Home Security Upgrades
& Existing Alarm Repairs

Existing system 250 dollar credit

Upgrade your existing system to a
Honeywell Lyric smart system from $599.

LyriC Smart Systems

*some conditions apply

error Have you stopped using your alarm system but like the sound of the new cellphone controlled systems?

error Are you plagued with false home or business alarms?

error Is your system annoying you and your neighbours?

error Have you lost confidence in home alarm companies?

error Have you stopped using your security system?

We can help because we specialize in alarm service and repairing existing systems. We don't condemn systems just because they’re "old". We've been working on security systems in Calgary since 1983 so we've just about worked on them all!

Let us customize a special system for your unique situation!

Existing Alarm System and Security System Repair

You're safe with us - existing system repair

error Are you unhappy with the service from your existing provider?

error Has your Security Company gone out of business?

error Are you looking for more personalized service?

error Have you moved into a home and there’s no information or instructions for your system?

Don't worry - we can help!

You're safe with us - existing system repair


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