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iHelp Medical Alarm

Everybody has a mom, dad, aunt or uncle that should have a medical alert!

The Best Emergency Response System for seniors, the elderly, isolated, chronically ill or disabled.
Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) - Medical Alarm
Lone Worker Alarm – Emergency Man Down Alarm Safety Solution!

The new iHelp+ 3G Mobile Medical Alert System logo

The New ihelp +3G +GPS
Mobile Medical Alert System

iHelp mom and daughter

Everything you need - at your fingertips!

The new iHelp+ 3G Mobile Medical Alert System logo

What is the ihelp+ 3G +GPS?

check One Touch Operation: Press the button 2 seconds and the call is placed. Anti-cancel prevents cancelling the call if the button is pressed again

check Crystal Clear Audio: Easy to hear! No need to hold to the ear or mouth to listen or speak

check 3G Nationwide Coverage: Take it wherever you go on Rogers nationwide wireless network

check Geo-Fencing: Notifies operator/friends/family when you leave and/or enter your pre-programmed safe zones (up to 3)

The new iHelp+ 3G Mobile Medical Alert System logo

What is the ihelp+ 3G +GPS?

The ihelp+ 3G is a revolutionary mobile medical alert system designed to keep you SAFE, whether you are at home or on the go. No base station or landline required. The microphone and speaker are built in! 2-way communication with our highly-trained emergency team is just a click away. And cellular connection means you can stay connected almost anywhere!

check Lightweight - 1.5 ounces
check Durable
check Small In Size - 2.5” x 1.8”
check Water-Proof to 3 ft Depth

Fall Detection

ihelp alerting operator of fall

The ihelp+ 3G is so easy to use. It can even automatically notify the operator if it senses you have fallen.

If you have fallen at home or while you are out, your ihelp+ 3G operator will detect your situation and where you are at. Help is on the way!

How does the ihelp +3G Compare?

App Image

Superior Safety

The ihelp+ 3G mPERS (mobile personal emergency response system) was developed with your needs first in mind:

check One-Touch Operation: Press the button 2 seconds and the call is placed!
check Extended Battery Life: 72 Hour Use - For maximum use between charges
check Protected Phone Number: Only the monitoring center can call you on your protected phone number, even helping you locate your pendant in the event of misplacement
check Direct GPS Location: Simultaneously sends your location to the monitoring station and you and your loved one/s

Emergency Lockboxes

Lockboxes are available so responders can gain entry

emergency lockbox

Couple outdoors walking with ihelp+3G

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Peace of mind at your fingertips

Life Sentry Medical Alert

The 2-way Voice Speakerphone Pendant Communicator

medic alert couple

Living independently is the desire of most individuals. However there are times when living alone can mean there is nobody to assist you during an emergency.

AE Security offers the ability to summon assistance at any time with a simple push of a button. Emergencies can happen anywhere in your home and even in the yard or driveway. LifeSentry will allow you to communicate your message instantly and efficiently from anywhere in and around your home for you to get help fast.

All this with ONE button activation.

Pendant is water-resistant - so, take it in the shower with you.

medic alert ambulance

With a standard personal emergency response system, you are limited by the location of the base station because you have to be within “range” to hear the call center talking to you. If you are too far from the base, you cannot hear, or more importantly, tell them what the emergency is!

Your Panic Button Lifeline

The Medical Alert two-way voice pendant medical alarm lets you speak and listen directly through the two-way voice pendant to the operator.

Medical alert pendant

• The operator will immediately dispatch medical personnel or a loved one to your location. They will also contact anyone that you have listed on your custom call list
Water Resistant - The pendant allows you to summon help even if you are in the bath or shower, where many serious accidents happen
Pendant Battery - A lithium-ion battery provides several hours of talk time on a full charge, and up to several months in stand-by. Two rechargeable batteries are included. One charges in the base station charger, while the other is in the pendant
•Press the battery test button on the back of the pendant for a second to hear an audible announcement
•Rechargeable batteries in the base station provide up to 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power failure
Multiple Pendants - 1 pendant comes with the system. A total of up to 4 Pendants and Emergency Wall Communicators can be set to work with one system to the operator
• DECT Technology - Operation at 1.9 Ghz gives super clear voice quality as well as exceptional range

Emergency wall communicator
Optional Emergency Wall Communicator

Emergency Lockboxes

Lockboxes are available so responders can gain entry

Keysafe lockbox

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