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Residential Security Systems

Home protection designed with you step by step, and installed by a professional local Calgary security company. A professionally designed, installed and monitored alarm system gives you peace of mind, day and night, home or away.

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Before getting a security system consider:

Who am I protecting?

What am I protecting?

Sleeping family protected by alarm system

This helps to bring clarity to what will bring you peace of mind and we help with what is needed to do so. Our proficient on-site evaluation helps us design a quote unique to your family, lifestyle, and home. The proposal is developed back at the office so there are NO high pressure close tactics during the visit.

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What if you worked with an alarm company that really cared?

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What if your alarm company had integrity?

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What if they felt like family?

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What if you could go on vacation and trust that your home and office were protected 24/7?

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The security market can be an overwhelming place. Rest assured we are fully transparent about the products and services we offer, our pricing model, and our ongoing support. We are happy to explain the differences between quotes so you can confidently make a decision for your family.

AE Security’s ProSeries
Wireless Smart Home Control

For the best wireless home alarm system, home automation, smart residential alarm systems and smart home security please check out our ProSeries.

Simply the Best Smart Home Automation and Security for your Connected Home!

Your family will enjoy peace of mind 24/7 with your ProSeries system monitored by our central station.

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Motion viewers and sensors, video verification, glassbreak detectors, and professional monitoring 24/7 provide ultimate 360-degree protection.

Heat, smoke, flood, and carbon monoxide sensors detect potential danger in your home, triggering audio and visual evacuation warnings.Turn on your lights, kick on the AC and play some music - all with one simple voice command as you walk through the door.

➤ Total Connect® Video

Honeywell Home Security Vista 21iP

Father and daughter with ProSeries control panel

Father and daughter with ProSeries control panel

AE Security offers a wide variety of solutions from completely wireless to wired to hybrid home alarm systems.

Tuxedo home controller 6160RF keypad

Keypads that are easy to use and put security at your fingertips. Choose from standard or wireless versions, keypads that speak, or sleek graphic touchscreens that match any décor and double as digital picture frames.

Local Calgary 24/7 Alarm System Monitoring

We can monitor your system utilizing one or more of the following communication paths for flexibility and reliability:

Cellular Network

Multiple pathways enhance your security to make sure we never miss a thing.

24/7 Monitoring. You Sleep. We Don’t.

Monitoring station and policeman

Total Connect NotificationsWhen combined with Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services you won’t miss a thing. It keeps control in the palm of your hand, sends alerts of alarms, troubles, when a child comes home from school, if a valuable object has been moved, if extreme temperature is detected and more!

Additional Monitored Fire & Life Safety Products

Safe dog
Indoor Motion Sensors
Indoor Motion Sensors that help guard against intruders while letting pets move freely about your home.
Vulnerable windows
Glassbreak Detectors
Glassbreak Detectors provide shatter and shock protection for your windows to further enhance your perimeter protection.
Fire and Firefighter picture
Fire and Carbon Monoxide
Fire and Life Safety Products including professionally installed wireless smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to your alarm system and can be monitored 24 hours a day.

Environmental Sensors
Environmental Sensors to help prevent spoilage, damage from flood and extreme temperatures. They’re ideal for basements, bathrooms, kitchens, freezers and laundry rooms.

Grandmother with medical alarm necklace
Medical & Personal Panic Transmitters
Personal Panic Transmitters that can summon the police or medical response personnel to the premises with the press of one or two-button keys.
Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors
Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors that alert you when an attempt is made to move or disturb valuable objects within your home, including flat screen TVs, heirlooms, paintings and more — even when the system is disarmed.
Outdoor Property Protection
Outdoor Property Protection
Wireless Outdoor Sensors that alert you when activity is sensed in a protected outdoor area like gates or sheds. They also detect when attempts are made to move outdoor valuables like snowmobiles, boats or lawnmowers.

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