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Security Devices

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Motion Detectors & More

Passive Infra-Red Motion Sensor (PIR)

Motion Detector The reliability and performance of your security system can be greatly enhanced or impeded by your choice of motion detector. The key point to consider is this: if the alarm sounds on your system, has an intruder entered... or is it a false alarm? It's not something you want to be in doubt about, which is why you need to make the best decision possible.

Simply put, look for a motion sensor that is built to provide the highest immunity to false alarms possible... without compromising catch in any way. Many of today’s sensors are pet immune - if they are installed properly.

Low end and mis-applied motion detectors are a significant part of the false alarm problem! Don't even consider "economy" models, your savings will be short lived.

Audio Glassbreak - You can stop them on the outside!

When you consider that breaking a window is one of the most common ways an intruder would gain access to your home or business, installing glassbreak detection isn't a luxury - it's essential security protection. Consider audio glass break sensors if you are looking for protection while you are at home when motion detectors are of little use or if you want detection before a thief gains entry.

Ultimately, a glassbreak detector is limited by how well it hears all sounds and by how smart it is in reacting to just the one sound that poses a threat to your security. They utilize an advanced microphone system able to capture sound far beyond the range of human hearing, at low volume and up to 25 ft away. Once captured, sound is analyzed for the unique signature of breaking glass in remarkable detail thus providing you most protection for your security dollar.

Door/ Window Contacts - Your perimeter line of defence!

Contacts (magnetically actuated vacuum sealed reed switches) provide immediate notification should an intruder force a door or window open. These should be applied to all of your accessible doors and as many windows as your budget permits. There are several types depending on the application, some styles can be completely hidden out of sight.

Alarmed Window Screens - Security with fresh air!

alarmed window bars
Alarmed screens provide great security for windows that you want open & secure!

Siren - Scare them away with a louder siren

security siren
If an intruder tries to break-in, the sound of the siren will usually send him running. Plus, if you have a fire detection system installed, the siren will alert you to the emergency.

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