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Our Staff

AE Security staff 2023

At AE Security we take immense pride in the top quality level of service we provide our clients. We strive to go above and beyond to make sure you are indeed “Safe with Us!

When you call our office you won’t receive an answering service but a knowledgeable team who can take care of you. From code changes to remote diagnostics to sales calls…we are here for you.

We have been in our “new” office on Glenmore Trail since May 2000. Please make an appointment for a demonstration in our updated showroom!

Randy Larkam
Randy Larkamadd


Randy Larkamclose

Randy founded AE Security in 1983 because of his keen interest in electronics and safety. He has learned many lessons over the years including; do what you say you’re going to do, honesty is the best policy and your customers provide your best advertising!

Randy likes to travel, spend time with his family and friends and is an avid slalom water skier.

Elisha McArter
Elisha McArteradd

Sales Manager

Elisha McArterclose

Elisha is Randy's daughter. Elisha has been working with AE Security full time since 2007 and has enjoyed working in the family business since 1999. Elisha’s Electronics Engineering and Business Administration Diplomas from SAIT are a perfect fit for the security industry! She is a part owner and our Sales Manager.

Elisha enjoys yoga, cooking, photography, waterskiing, and spending time with family, friends and her dog Ren.

Chris Rubak
Chris Rubakadd

Installation & Service Manager

Chris Rubak close

Chris started working with AE Security in 1997. He began as a youthful technician and is now a part owner of AE Security. He is our committed installation and service manager.

His hobbies are electronics, music, baseball, barbequing, and spending time with his family.

Angie Gaffney
Angie Gaffney add

Office Manager

Angie Gaffney close

Angie joined AE Security in 2004 and learned the business from the ground up. She is an excellent organizer, is constantly looking for ways to make us more efficient and is our indispensable office manager.

Angie spends her spare time on crafts, shopping, with her family, and enjoying time with friends.

Kate-Lynn L.
Kate-Lynn L. add

Customer Service

Kate-Lynn L. close

Kate-Lynn joined AE Security in the fall of 2018 and got up to speed incredibly quickly. Her positive, engaging personality has allowed her to fit in with our team and provide our clients with the excellent customer service they deserve! In her free time Kate-Lynn enjoys knitting and playing board games with her husband and friends.

Brian Hernandez
Brian Hernandezadd

Security Consultant

Brian Hernandezclose

Brian Joined AE Security in the spring of 2012 so he could spend more time with his family as he was mostly working out of town with the previous security company he worked for. He excelled as a technician with AE Security for almost seven years. Now he is utilizing his extensive technical knowledge to design systems for our clients!

Brian enjoys spending time with his family, cooking and taking pictures.

Jordan M.
Jordan M.add

Security Consultant

Jordan M.close

Jordan Joined the AE Security team in 2019 after working in our industry for many years at our main wholesaler and with a competitor. His extremely broad product knowledge allows him to find the best security solutions to meet our clients needs!

Jordan enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid golfer, hockey and baseball player.

Mackenzie Larkam
Mackenzie Larkamadd

Technician – Journeyman Electrician

Mackenzie Larkamclose

Mackenzie is Randy’s son. He brought his skills as an experienced Red Seal Electrician to AE Security full time in 2019. His expertise allows us to expand into areas that previously required hiring sub-contractors!

Mackenzie enjoys spending time with his family and manages to fit in sometime for waterskiing and tennis as well.

Jordan F.
Jordan (Fitz) F.add


Jordan (Fitz) F.close

Jordan “Fitz”, joined the AE team at the beginning of 2020. His technical skills combined with his positive attitude and communication abilities make him an excellent addition to AE Security.

In his free time Jordan likes getting outdoors to hike, camp and fish. He also enjoys watching hockey and basketball and playing his guitar.

James P.
James P.add


James P.close

James P. joined AE Security March 2022. His industry experience, specializing in wireless products, and great work ethic bring us another amazing team member to our tech team.

In his spare time his hobbies include finance, collecting vintage cards, growing bonsai and renovating the house!

Eric J.
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Eric J.close

Eric J. joined AE Security in March 2022. His electrical background and friendly demeanor are a great asset to AE Security.

His hobbies include family time, watching tv, reading, watching and playing sports.

AE Security Ninja mascot
AE Security


Debora B.add

DKB Bookkeeping Services

Debora B.close

Debora joined the team at AE Security in January of 2015 to take over our bookkeeping after Brenda Nault retired after 25 years at AE. Her in depth bookkeeping skills are a great asset!

Debora enjoys, writing, reading, dog training, camping and baking in her spare time!

Margo C.add

Accounts Receivable

Margo C.close

Margo joined the AE Security team late in 2015. She works part time doing accounts receivable in the friendliest manner possible. Margo and her husband spend lots of time at their lake property in Montana!

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